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Craftedera is Email Marketing Company In Delhi.

Email marketing is everywhere now. It’s an important way to reach potential customers easily. Email marketing provides you to build relationships with existing customers and generate leads and bring new customers. Most email marketing tools offer to track what happens after you have sent out your campaign email. Today’s marketers need to understand that less is more. We being an Email Marketing Company In Delhi help you to connect with your audience in a highly personalized way, while staying on a targeted budget as we all know that Email marketing has a larger reach. As per, in 2022, an average of 333.2 billion, emails were sent and received per day.

Email Marketing Company In Delhi

What we have to offer

Our Email Marketing Company In Delhi is here to drive you your business revenue

1. Build Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty through email is a great way to drive revenue and build a brand’s reputation, boost your company’s growth and increase sales. Our We being an Email Marketing Company In Delhi helps in creating messages for your audience should be personalized and attractive. It has a challenge to understand who and where your buyers are and sometimes that means taking a step back to look with a fresh start. So surveys are taken that ensures an easy way to collect data of your audience either through automated emails or links at the bottom of regularly scheduled campaigns.

2. Expand Your Business Reach

To expand your business reach, e-mail should be the first communication channel, as we all know email marketing has been around forever, and for good reason. It’s the most direct and effective way to connect with your leads and turn them into loyal customers. Our Email Marketing Company In Delhi, always create unique e-mail content to increase the brand reach and awareness. We believe emails should be entertaining, informative, and valuable so that recipients will always look forward to receiving them and will be more likely to forward them to their networks.

3. Explore New Customers

Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel, you can expect a High ROI (return of investment) from your email marketing campaign. Tricks you can use to increase the customers through emails:
– Encourage people to forward your newsletter
– Consider using QR codes
– Greeting page for the new subscribers
– Invite subscribers through your social networks
– Maximize the email preview

4.Track Your Analytics

E-mail marketing analytics data collected from your campaign provides a platform and reports will help you get your marketing strategy. The purpose of sending emails is to enhance relationship with your current and previous clients. We should consider these few steps to get the tracked data for analyzing, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, e-mail sharing/ forwarding rate, bounce rate and conversion rate. You can access performance (KPIs) like open, click, & rates.

Importance of Email Marketing

  • Help you stay connected with your audience
  • Easy to measure
  • People are engaging more with emails
  • Gives a professional approach 
  • Affordable
Craftedera - Email Marketing Company In Delhi